Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Yep, CJOverkill is definitely a great script.
It got read of the hitboaters right away.
Very happy with it. There are some things missing in this script that the TTT had, but nothing I can't run the site without. And it truly does run the site by itself.
stops cheaters in their tracks right away, does not oversend to trades, very intelligent script and most importantly it is FREE. I totally recommend it.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

In light of all this hacking stuff, I got to thinking about how many hitboters I get on the TGP-KING that I kept on neglecting and never really paid attention to. And while I was trying to build up good traffic these suckers kept on stealing it from me. Today, I had put an end to it :-), or so I hope. Instead of the the shitty TTT Trader script I had installed the shiny new CJOverkill. Looks good so far. We'll see.

Christ, why are these folks so dumb?
Just read this:
"Jeansonne, 44, pleded guilty to intentionally damaging computers. In 2002 he sent emails to over a dozen WebTV subscribers. The email stated it would enable the Microsoft-serviced customers to change the colors on their WebTV screen. It contained an attached Trojan which, once opened, dialed 911."

The full article: http://www.boostmarketing.com/story.php?id=805

What a moron! I mean really what goes through a person's mind when he does such a thing?
I mean for christ's sake the guy is 44 years old not 12...

If you are knowledgeable of computers enough to write a script, that makes the machine dial 911 how can you not know of the basic security principles and how easy it would be to track you down? And then the media calls him a hacker? Hackers, aren't you pissed when something like this happens?
Fucking Idiot.

Friday, February 18, 2005

I completely had forgotten that I had actually stared this blog.
Sorry, My bad. I could have developed it into something by now. :-) Eh-h what the heck...
Maybe now that I had actually remembered about it I will post more.

I am "Tgp-King", well not literally, but rather as a nick name, or a screen name that I had chose for myself after I had started my venture in the world of adult industry.
It all has began when I launched my first TGP site tgp-king.com. Back then I just wanted to have an adult site and since I had no Idea what to do, where to get what I need, who to talk to, I figured that I will build something similar to the well known worldsex.com. Back then I thought, since there are not that many free porn sites like that I will get it running make loads of cash off it and everything will be nice and easy. Some of you might laugh, but I had actually always saw it as something more that just a hobby. That is why I had approached it as if I was starting a business. I had invested money into it, and quite a bit of it. Later I had found that everything that I had paid I could have found if not for free, then for a lot less money. Through trial and error I had figured what I should do and where to go, but at the beginning, I admit, I spent money. A shit load of it in fact.
But I guess that is what kept me going. Spending all this cash made me angry, and made me want to keep going, and going. Changing the site, moving it from one server to another, working with other Webmaster, making deals, looking for better, more productive sponsors. Marketing, advertising. In the last 3 years I had learned so much about how to build and bring up a site that no book would ever be able to teach anyone. And that actually makes me really proud of what I had accomplished. Tgp-King is not the biggest site, it definitely not the best there is, but I worked hard on it. And now it is a site that offers surfers not only clean high quality free content, It offers searching capability with results coming out of the archived galleries database of about 70,000 galleries, it introduces people to a great selections of other Free and Paid sites, a bulleting board and much more.
And this is not the end. This is just the beginning.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Done!, Taboovideos.net is up. Enjoy everyone.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Thinking of putting together a new TGP site and a picture rating site. Already setup the pic rating site, but it needs work. needs content and everything else. For now though the tgp-king.com is up as always and tgp-king bbs